Agency: Designworks
Client: DB Breweries

We wanted to cement the idea of Monteith’s as the ‘go-to’ for the A to Z of craft beer flavours. We drew inspiration for the designs from the unique drinking occasions that the beers evoked. Governed by the overarching idea of ‘The A to Z of craft beer’, the new designs are highly individual, but work together to feel like a cohesive family. We enhanced the personality of each flavour through individual typography and colour for all the variants that would speak to their unique character and flavour. The ‘hero’ letter was created both typographically and photographically to deliver on the idea of ‘A to Z’, as well as giving consumers an extra cue for identification. Vivid textural backdrops allude to a man-made craft, reinforcing the level of detail and effort that goes into the process of craft beer.