Binbin Deluxe Bar

Agency: Designworks
Client: DB Breweries

The bar’s former guise as ‘The SinBin’ became the basis for the new identity, BinBin Deluxe. The resulting identity, a flexible system influenced by the pop art of the sixties, is made up of six interchangeable logos. This eclectic approach to brand, and a sense of ‘curated chaos,’ flows through the interior in the design features, large-scale graphics, murals, and assorted works from local artists from Devonport’s The Depot.

With large frames, partitions and found objects employed to create flexible spaces, BinBin Deluxe rejects the traditional bar layout. Deliberately bucking convention in brand and detailing the concept produces an atmosphere that is distinctive and vibrant. With the overall effect being a place that is intriguing, accessible and unexpected.